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Refractory feldspar ceramic with fine structure. The precise matching of the CTE to ZrO? frameworks with a CTE of approx. 10.5 x 10??K-¹, ensures an optimum bond. Also for restorations made of Vitablocs and PM 9. Customisable with Vita Akzent Plus and Interno stains. Medical device Class IIa.
Natural shade effect and light dynamics;
Optimal physical properties due to the fine structure;
Excellent bond for reliable results and long-term success;
Minimal shrinkage behaviour to reduce ceramic firing;
Excellent modelling properties for fast and targeted application of the ceramic;
Outstanding grinding and polishing properties;
Homogeneous and closed surfaces for high plaque resistance;
Extensive range of add-on materials for excellent light-optical effects.
Physical data:
CTE 9.0-9.2 x 10??K-¹ (25-500 °C); firing temperature 910 °C (1st dentine); transformation temperature approx. 600 °C; flexural strength (3-point) approx. 100 MPa; acid solubility approx. 10 µg/cm²; mean grain size approx. 18 .

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