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For full veneering of metal frameworks in the conventional CTE range VITA VM 13 is a highly-esthetic, fine-structure feldspar ceramic that is perfectly adapted to the CTE value of conventional bonding alloys (approx. 13.8 – 15.2 µm/mK). Regardless of whether the conventional alloys are cast, milled or sintered. VITA VM 13 provides a genuine alternative to all-ceramics – and is right at home wherever the masking effect of a metal framework is required. The firing temperature (880°C, dentin firing) provides enormous processing reliability, particularly for alloys with a low solidus temperature (<1100°C). The main components are pure-grade potash and albite feldspar materials that offer brilliant shade effects as well as unbeatable flexural strength values. Thanks to its homogeneous, compact surface, VITA VM 13 supports outstanding grinding and polishing, particularly in situ. This ensures smooth and densely compact surface results. Accumulation of plaque on the ceramic surface is significantly reduced, supporting the patient in caring for their high-quality restoration. VITA VM 13 is a high-quality system component provided by the innovative VITA VM concept – the universal solution for all common indications. Metal-ceramics, all-ceramics or composite: the possibilities are endless! VITA AKZENT Plus and VITA INTERNO stains are also available for individual finalization. Features/Benefits Natural shade and light effects thanks to the fine structure Minimum shrinkage behavior for accurate firing Excellent modeling characteristics for fast and accurate application of the ceramic Comprehensive range of additional materials for excellent effects Efficient and cost-effective processing Can be individualized using VITA AKZENT Plus and VITA INTERNO Process reliability thanks to long-standing experience Available in VITA SYSTEM 3D-Master and VITA classical A1 – D4 shades

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