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Dental milling cutters and grinding tools

It’s the tool that makes restorations perfect.

Milling and grinding tools

for dental technology

  • Radius cutters
  • Cylindric and torus cutters
  • Grinding tools

“At Alien Milling, we strive to run as efficiently as possible, and to stay competitive, we need the best value in tools. We did a thorough evaluation and found that original vhf diamond zirconia tools save us 60% of our tool cost. They might be a bit more expensive, but it pays off quickly.”

Saro HatzCEO Alien Milling, Glendora, CA
Dental tools – Radius cutters

In-house production – Made in Germany


Whether single or double tooth cutters, radius cutters or mounted points: vhf manufactures all dental milling cutters on modern six- and seven-axis precision grinding centers. For our users, this means short delivery times and a portfolio which is geared to the requirements of our customers. For all questions regarding the best possible processing of your dental materials and the correct use of the milling tool, the specialized dealers trained by vhf are competent contact persons.

Dental milling cutters from vhf are made from a superfine grain carbide mixture from German production. It is characterized by high edge strength and outstanding wear resistance – further improving work piece quality and service life.

Dental tools – Grinding tools

Durable and precise: vhf dental tools


Only by choosing a first-class tool will you also achieve first-class results. The tool is the decisive element between your dental milling machine and the material to be machined.

For this purpose, the vhf tool specialists constantly research and develop together with material manufacturers and laboratory users in order to produce the best possible tools.

Disc – Cobalt-chrome

Dental tools for processing various materials


Our tool specialists have developed optimal cutting-edge geometries for machining the various materials used in dental technology, from wax to cobalt-chrome. The result is a perfect balance between the best possible surface quality of the material to be machined and the longest possible service life of the milling tool. Since we develop and produce the dental milling machines, the CAM software, and the dental milling cutters by ourselves all components do perfectly match together.


The best performance only comes from the original


At vhf, we are keen to offer you the greatest possible variety of materials. During the validation process of new dental materials, all components of the CAM system play a role – that means, machine, software and tool form an optimally coordinated overall solution. This means that our developments and tests always focus also on the milling tool.

This perfect interaction cannot be guaranteed when using tools that do not optimally harmonize with the machine and software, for example those of third-party suppliers. In addition to a reduced tool life, possible tool breakage and reduced milling quality, machine components such as the high-precision spindle bearings can also suffer.


Therefore, we recommend: play it safe and get optimal results as well as a long machine life – thanks to a perfectly balanced system of machine, milling tools and the corresponding machining strategies in vhf’s DENTALCAM software. Long tool life and process reliability are also available at an attractive price-performance ratio: with original dental milling cutters and grinding tools from vhf.


Make no compromise: the perfect tool for every material


The choice of dental milling or grinding tools plays an important role in dental technology. Because the tool is the decisive link between the dental milling machine and the material to be machined. The vhf tool specialists research and develop together with laboratory users and material manufacturers in order to produce the best possible tool.

The dental milling cutters and grinding tools from vhf have sophisticated innovative geometries for machining all material classes: wax, PMMA, zirconia, composites, titanium, CoCr and glass ceramics. Therefore, when it comes to dental tools, you can rely on the sophisticated products by vhf: for first-class tool life at best quality and at attractive prices.

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