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Description BURS SECOND TWO NUMBERS DEFINES THE CUT AND PURPOSE: EXAMPLE: 5210.060 = TC Cutter - cut 10 TC Cutter - cut 10 For coarse abrasion on chrome - cobalt alloys, precious metal alloys, chrome - nickel alloys, model cast alloys, acrylics. TC Cutter - cut 20 Suitable for all dental materials. It smoothens the surface and it enables accurate operation on any structure. TC Cutter - cut 24 Ensures an exceptionally fine cutting surface on all alloys especially on titanium since the special cut pattern avoids clogging. TC Cutter - cut 25 Excellent cutting performance and facilitated chip removal on tough materials like titanium and NP alloys, P metals, plaster of Paris, model castings, veneer resins, prosthetic resins. TC Cutter - cut 26 Suitable for titanium and titanium alloys. TC Cutter - cut 27 Preparation of non-precious metal alloys. Smoothing the surface of the material, which then allows it to be easily polished TC Cutter - cut 30 For fine finishing of gold, alloys and all versions of resins & composites due to the special cut also ideally suited for ceramics avoiding occurrence of crackles. TC Cutter - cut 31 These special titanium-nitride coated cutters offer specific cool-cutting properties, e.g. for clasp preparation in the shoulder area, shortening of attachments, fine finishing of inlays incl. ceramic inlays. TC Cutter - cut 40 Causes a rough and streaky surface and thus an increased surface retention on the metal framework for ceramic or resin veneers. TC Cutter - cut 41 Fine, scale-like cutting pattern, for aesthetically most demanding veneers. TC Cutter - cut 50 For efficient reduction of resins incl. tray materials as well as plaster. TC Cutter - cut 51 For bulk reduction on dry plaster. TC Cutter - cut 53 Used for trimming denture base acrylics. The fine-coarse cut is specially tailored to trimming in acrylic work, is easy to use, does not catch and produces smooth material surfaces. TC Cutter - cut 55 For gross reduction of resins and plaster as well as resin-based tray materials. TC Cutter - cut 60 Smooth cutting pattern on all alloys and composites, reduces rework - especially suitable on prosthetic appliances for papilla shaping. TC Cutter - cut 65 For trimming of PEEK & PMMA materials. The type of blade enables quick material removal with a sharp cut without heating the material, does not snag and produces smooth material surfaces, allowing them to be easily polished. TC Cutter - cut 70 For all dental materials the plain cut enables a smooth cutting pattern, particularly on resins, and thus reduces rework. TC Cutter - cut 75 For trimming of soft acrylics / soft relinings. TC Cutter - cut 75 For trimming of soft acrylics / soft relinings. TC Cutter - cut 83 / 85 For bulk abrasion on plaster and acrylics.

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