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A highly effective HELIOS ZR furnace for sintering metal and zirconium oxide, has been equipped with an anti-vibrations lifting system. A micro-processed programmatorguaranteesafullyautomaticprocess.Alsoatightchambermadeof stainless steel enables sintering processes of vacuum-sintered metal or covered with argon.

VACUUMSINTERING HELIOS ZR-V is equipped with a tight stainless steel chamber to provide conditions adequate for performance of the process in vacuum and argon shield.

HIGHPRECISION HELIOS ZR Sintering Accurate components: microprocessor control system and 4 independent heating elements, provide perfect sintering conditions. The sintered elements gain optimum density and high mechanical strength.

30PROGRAMMES The range of 30 programs is always available for the user. It lets design the sintering process individually.

CLEAR DISPLAY Information about the process is well presented on a clear display. The user controls a temperature increase as well as heating and cooling process.

HIGHEFFICIENCY Modern heating elements allow for express sintering in less than 3 hours, while at the same time being durable and energy-saving. Furnaces are supplied with 230V power and they do not require three-phase power connection.

EFFECTIVENESS A bench size and a chamber have been designed for standard containers including sintering pearls. This solution enables working with 3 containers at the same time.

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