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As a new strategic product of VRN for the high-end ultrasonic scaler market, VRN-A8 absorbed the excellent quality as VRN ever did before, adopting the exclusive patent technology - wireless control, with multiple functions, automatic water supply, intelligent vibration technology. It brings you a convenient, faster and more comfortable experience for treatment.Handpiece and tips fit with other brand scaler such as EMS.

The technical specification :

Automatic Frequency Tracking

Patented Liquid Pumps, Digital Controlled

Function: Scaling, Perio, Endo

Control: Wireless foot switch

Water Supply: Auto-water supply

Handpiece: LED detachable handpiece

5 Tips: G1, G2, G4, P1, E1

Endo U File #20*1, #25 *1

Working conditions:

Temperature 5℃-40℃Relative humidity ≤80% Atmospheric pressure 75KPa-106KPa .

Power supply:

For AC adapter: 100-240vac. 50-60Hz. 1 2AMax

Output 30Vdc. 1.3A

For main unit: 30Vdc. 1.3A

Wireless control fool pedal battery: 1.5VX2

Receiving sensitivity: -114dB

Primary vibration excursion of the tip:

(a)Minimum, 1um, Deviation -50%

(b)Maximum. 100um, Deviation +50%

Output half-excursion:

(a)Minimum, O.1N, Deviation -50%

(b)Maximum. 2N, Deviation +50%

Vibration frequency of the tip: 25-31KHz

Input power: 30VA- 48VA

Ultrasonic output power: 3W-20W

Fuse: 125V 1.5A

Water pressure: O1MPa-0.05MPa

Weight of main unit: 0.75kg

Weight of adapter: 0.25kg

Size: 230mmx 155mm x 56mm

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