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MOUTH GUARD PROFORM GLITTER 125mm X 125mm 4mm 1pcs


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By laminating two layers of soft EVA together, the material has excellent tensile strength. All of these features make the Pro-form mouthguard laminate the material of choice for custom-made mouthguards

Glitter: Pro-Form athletic mouthguard line got a little more flash with Pro-Form Glitter Guards. The Glitter Guard material adds a bit of sparkle to the Pro-Form line, which delivers protection, affordability and style. There are six different styles offered through the Glitter Guard line: Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Orange and Green.

Two tone: Match your team colours or styles with the Pro-Form Dual-Colour Mouthguard Laminate, a strong two-layer material made of high-energy absorbing EVA vinyl. The laminate is 0.160? thick in dual-colour sheets. Dual-Colour Mouthguard Laminates come in assorted two-colour combos to match any team colours or styles.

Tie Dye: The Pro-Form line boasts Tie Dye designs to the extensive line of mouthguard materials. The Tie Dye Laminates are made the same way all Pro-form laminates to ensure the long-proven quality and protection athletes of all levels need. There are six different styles offered through the Tie Dye line.

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