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Light-curing, blue-transparent blocking-out and modelling putty with optimum flow properties. For fabrication of space holders for bleaching splints and medical trays as well as for sealing and blocking set-up models. Burns without leaving any residue, can therefore also be used in prosthetics for the fabrication of fixed and removable prostheses. Telescopic models are stable and can be withdrawn without tension. Curing in the wavelength range of 380-470 nm.

Comes with 4 x 1.5 g BLUE-BLOKKER®, 2 cannula 0.6 mm and 8 cannula 0.9 mm.


Light-curing, high-transparent gel for building-up pressure moulded DURAN® splints, reinforced with DURASPLINT® LC. Gel is best suited for removal of air inclusions and insertion of canine guidance. Polymerisation in wavelength range 360–420 nm, for example with LC Mini Light or LC-6 Light Oven. Prior to processing, LC primer has to be applied to DURAN® splints.

Comes with 4 x 1.5 g CLEAR-BLOKKER®, 2 cannula 0.4 mm and 8 cannula 0.9 mm.

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