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Elastomeric precision preliminary kneadable impression material (vinyl polysiloxane, addition type).
Available in two different versions: Ormaplus Putty Soft Fast Setting and Ormaplus Putty Soft Regular Setting.
Ormaplus Putty Soft is designed to provide the highest precision in details reproduction and a perfect chemical bonding to light-bodied impression materials.
Ormaplus Putty Soft can be kneaded smoothly and can be easily removed from patients mouth thanks to its elastic properties
The Ormaplus Putty Soft new formulation guarantees high tear resistance and compressive strength combined with an excellent elastic recovery.

Base and catalyst pastes mixing ease.
Fast intraoral setting time (230?) which is pleasant for patients.
Perfect chemical bonding between putty and light bodied materials.
High hydrophilicity and tear resistance.
Easy disinfection without dimensional alterations.
Permanent dimensional stability.
Perfect compatibility with any kind of plaster (natural or synthetic).
Possibility of casting the same impression several times.
Odourless and tasteless material for a better patients comfort.

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