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Cleaning Agent For Flexible Dentures FLEXI CLEAN powerful Concentrated denture cleaner and stain remover Is specially formulated to kill actual germs and Pathogenic microorganisms present on dental removable appliances. Eliminate Candida albicans Infections from thermoplastic dentures and acrylic dentures. While disinfecting, PERFLEX FLEXI CLEAN will also remove coffee, tea, tobacco, fruit and iron stains, calcium, calculus, tartar and plaque in just 20 minutes. This new formula non- chlorinated denture cleaner will not harm the denture base, partial denture metal or soft reline material when used according to the Instructions.


INSTRUCTIONS: Mix 1 teaspoon of PERFLEX FLEXI CLEAN powder or 4spoon of the enclosed plastic spoon, in 3/4 cup of warm water (200ml). Allow the solution to stand and cool after stirring thoroughly. Soak the denture for 20 minutes. A severely stained denture may require an overnight soaking (soft reline cases should be limited to 20 minutes) Brush away loosened deposits with a soft brush and rinse thoroughly under running water before use. IMPORTANT: FLEXI CLEAN denture cleaner solution can be used effectively and safely for a week. Each mini-jar contents 1 month supply. After 1 week the solution should be discarded and replaced for a new mix. Repeat the instructions of mixing every week.

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