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Megafill Flow is a flowable light curing Microhybrid Composite, which is X-ray opaque. Megafill Flow has a natural fluorescence and is used in the filling therapy for micro preparations and tooth neck defects, the expan- ded fissure occlusion, the fixation and repair of composi- te- and enamel restorations as well as to the placement of the first filling layer by composite restorations.
The slightly thixotropic consistence prevents the drip- ping of Megafill Flow and allows accurate application. Therefore a high stability of the material is guaranteed. Measured transparency and the combinability with filler materials, e.a. Megafill MH, permit an optimal range of application for Megafill Flow. Based on the matrix with micro-glass-filler Megafill Flow can be polished to a high gloss and rendering it abrasion resistant. Megafill Flow is available in the most popular basic shades.

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